Virtual Yoga Nidra

& Alchemy Sound Activation

Join me for Bi-Monthly Guided Moon Journeys



Thursday Jun 24th 



Virtual Journey Zoom Link

Suggested donation $11-22

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Full Moon

Illuminate - Release - Manifest

Yoga Nidra

A gentle practice in which you are guided on a journey through the different stages of relaxation including; body sensory, breath awareness, and guided visualization.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Transform, restore, and align your energy. The vibration of the alchemy bowls addresses imbalances and blockages in the energy channels by balancing dissonant frequencies and bringing them back into harmony.

What You’ll Need

Some place comfortable to rest lying down (bed, couch, yoga mat)



Sleep Mask


How to Prepare

Move your body- stretch, yoga, dance, walk


Anoint yourself with essential oils

Eat a light meal or snack 1-2 hours prior

Hydrate before and after


Highly recommend

“Melinda has a true gift of healing and is an EXCELLENT yoga instructor. Always has a sense of what my body needs without me telling her. My whole session with her was amazing start to finish She is punctual. Her heart is open. She is intuitive. I highly recommend Melinda!“

Renee Roberds

Makes you feel safe and conetnt

“I absolutely loved my session with Melinda! She was so in tuned, patient and is a master at her evolving craft. She truly cares about her work as a healer and honors her role. She makes you feel safe and content.”

Amber Girard

Kind and gentle nature

“I love Melinda’s kind and gentle nature. Highly recommend her Yoga Nidra.”

Laura King

Excellent teacher

“Melinda is an excellent teacher. Invested in her teaching and her students.”

Amy Horne