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Whether you have come for Yoga Nidra, alchemy sound journeys, hands-on healing or cacao , I am happy that you have arrived, and our paths are crossing. You will find my most common services below, although more are available. All in-person services are available in O'ahu, Hawai'i and most are offered virtually.

 I look forward to seeing you soon and supporting you on your journey of deliberate creation.

Yoga Nidra

Deep Relaxation for Positive Change


Transcend negative thoughts and align with your heart’s desires all while resting in a comfortable position. 


Throughout this gentle practice, you are guided on a journey through the different stages of relaxation including; body sensory, breath awareness, and guided visualization. ​

Packages allow me to create custom experiences specifically tailored to your needs and desires.

Contact me for more information and to schedule your appointment. 

Single session $120

Package discounts available 


Yoga Nidra with Melinda has been a fantastic experience. I felt like my brain was kindly massaged, taken to the river, rinsed clean and plugged back in.

Caroline Augustine


Chakra Series Yoga Nidra

Balance and Align 


Journey through each of the chakras in this seven-part series designed to balance and align your chakra system. 

Beginning at the root chakra and working up through the crown, each session will focus on activating and harmonizing your chakras one-by-one.

7 Session Series


Melinda is a wise, authentic, and wildly talented human. Her in-person and zoom Yoga Nidra sessions are eloquent and meaningful. She systematically and beautifully guides you through a verbally melodic Yoga Nidra experience, leading you to follow a healing light and lose yourself in her voice and in the guided meditation. If you get the chance to work with her, you should jump on it!

Natane Wogsberg

Cacao Rituals

Medicine for the Heart


Sacred cacao rituals are designed to give you the foundations to create your own unique ritual space to cultivate your relationship with cacao as an ally, give meaningful gratitude to the natural world, and ask for help & magic in your life.

In these sessions, I will guide you in creating a personalized cacao ritual that will help amplify the effects of cacao in your life and deepen your awareness + perception of working with cacao. 

This experience is designed to invite cacao’s loving essence into every area of your life as you develop your own relationship and personal ritual with cacao.

75 Minute Session

Start at $50

Cacao 4.jpg

With Melinda’s connection to spirit and intuitive sense she helped me to create a playful cacao ritual with intention. Melinda gave me various practices to enrich my personal cacao sitting including body movement, breath work, meditation, affirmations and even tips for creating my personal sacred space. Now, I am able to tune in and select the best techniques for myself when I sit with mama cacao.

Meagan Erwin


Cord Cutting Ritual

Release and Detach 


Cord-cutting rituals are designed to release energetic attachments that you have knowing and unknowingly created with others.


Through the process you are able to detach from the stressful and exhausting energetic ties that bind and deplete you; thus freeing yourself from lower vibrations and raising your vibrational frequency.


This unique offering combines a variety of practices that can be used in your daily life.

75 Minute Session


I was blessed to have a cord cutting ceremony with Melinda. I have done these kind of ceremonies before but nothing really compared to all the levels of healing Melinda puts into her healing. It was so beautiful, and I felt an instant shift; I felt much clearer and lighter. I had had an achy shoulder for months after a traumatic period in my life and when Melinda mentioned removing anchors I worked with her guidance on that area and afterward the ache was completely gone. I've only had such a significant change a few times in my life, so this was pretty amazing to feel such instant relief. I'm so grateful and will take what she taught me into my own practice. I loved it! Wish I could have a session every day. Thank you so much! 

Ella Annaheim


Dissolve Energy Blocks 


Reiki is the universal energy of life. Reiki healing sessions utilize light touch and the application of healing energy to bring about balancing and harmonizing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

60 Minute Session



Melinda has a true gift of healing and is an EXCELLENT yoga instructor. Always has a sense of what my body needs without me telling her. I had my first reiki session with her and I literally "went away" for an hour. My whole session with her was amazing start to finish She is punctual. Her heart is open. She is intuitive. 

I highly recommend Melinda!

Renee Roberts


Alchemy Sound Activation

Relax and Nourish


Healing on a cellular level. The human body is made up of energy that is vibrating at different frequencies.

When these frequencies are out of rhythm, disharmony and disease in the body can set in.  


The vibration of the alchemy bowls addresses imbalances and blockages in the energy channels by balancing dissonant frequencies and bringing them back into harmony.


While relaxing in a comfortable resting pose, the bowls are used to transform, restore, and align your energy. 

60 Minute Session


I absolutely loved my session with Melinda! She was so in tuned, patient and is a master at her evolving craft. She truly cares about her work as a healer and honors her role. She makes you feel safe and content.

Amber Girard

Create Your Custom Experience

Mix and match services to create your own custom experience. 

Contact me directly to set up a consultation call where we can co-create a personal package of services to meet your needs.