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Clear Mind

After listening to my personalized affirmations for over a month from Theta Thoughts I have truly learned how your mindset and thoughts are so well connected. I typically listen in the morning and it helps with keeping a clear mind set throughout the day. I had no idea it would be this transforming. If you’re thinking about it.... just do it! 100% worth it and I can’t wait to make my next one! Thank you Melinda....you’re truly an angel!

Michelle Mestas 

Life Changer

"What a life changer! Melinda was so helpful and kind to put my thoughts and dreams in order. I listen to it before going to bed and lot of things in my life have changed. Highly recommended! Mahalo"

Charlotte Tonneaux 

Energy Shifting

"I love my personalized Theta Thoughts! I listen every morning and I can already feel my energy shifting and my thought patterns changing. The best part is that the affirmation recording is in my own voice, it makes it feel so much more powerful. Thank you, Theta Thoughts!"

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Natane Wogsberg

Delightful Experience

"Melinda is wonderful to work with. It was a delightful experience to work with her in coming up with my affirmations. She was very supportive, patient and understanding and really helped me navigate things in my own timing. I am not technologically savvy, but she really made this experience incredibly easy and enjoyable. The whole process really helped me to become clearer about what I am trying to manifest. I now not only listen to the affirmations while I sleep but I find myself repeating them in my head throughout the day. Amazingly life changing."


Lorena Zuluaga | Founder of Be Your Best Self Academy

Treasured Part

"Listening to my custom Theta Thoughts recording has become a treasured part of my daily routine. I centered my recording on reducing anxiety and it has become an excellent way of grounding myself amidst 2020’s chaos and constant change. Having others reassure you is great - but there is something uniquely powerful about hearing your own voice declare your truth and address your personal fears. Looking forward to creating my next recording!"


Rujeko Muza | Environmental Lawyer

Game-Changer Experience

''Creating my own affirmations in my own voice set to music is a game-changer. After three weeks of using them, I notice that I have embodied my affirmations. They feel inside me rather than something I’m aspiring toward. That has given me the confidence to manifest what I desire. It all feels so simple.

Thank you Theta Thoughts!''


Kenlyn Kolleen | Empowerment Coach

New Sense Of Trust Within Myself

"I have been using my custom Theta Thoughts for over a week and feel a new sense of trust within myself. Hearing my own voice AFFIRM truthful positive statements is life-changing. It feels as if I’m being nurtured by my highest SELF.

I highly recommend Theta Thoughts!!"


Amber Girard | RN & CEO

Magical Process

"The entire process of Theta Thoughts was magical! The dream board exercises provided helped simplify my dreams with clarity and create affirmations that were meaningful and healing all in one. Hearing my voice helped create more truth for me than when the affirmations were written. Since doing this work, and intentionally asking for what I want, and believing in it, so many tiny blessings have aligned in my life. It feels as simple as envisioning, speaking, listening, and waiting for the gifts to unfold. I’m so grateful for Theta Thoughts coming into my life."


Meagan Erwin | Play Therapist

Transformational Journey

"Using Theta Thoughts allowed me to see clearly where my own personal blockages were in my journey. From creating and recording my own affirmations, to actually creating the ritual around listening to my recording, I was able to very clearly see, after a very short time, how transformational the process was. In 2 weeks time, I started to notice the change in my thinking and actions around my topic, and also how that was clearly affecting the other areas of my life. It has been a beautiful journey to be on and I will continue to re-create recordings based on my unfolding journey ahead. "


Karen Endres | Yoga Instructor

In Love With This Recording

"I absolutely love my Theta Thought recording! Melinda made it so easy to put together and I look forward to it every single night!"


Lindsay Maloney | Coach

Love Theta Thought Journey

"I'm new to the meditation game so I really didn't know what to expect. I thought this meditation was positive, calming and healthy in its approach to help me center my thoughts and sense of self. I really love Theta Thoughts meditation journeys and look forward to trying more!"


Maria Hanafy | Executive Producer

Highly Recommend

"I highly recommend Theta Thoughts and Melinda! This has made such a positive impact on my life."


Kelly Kass

Love The Positive Affirmations

"Theta Thoughts peaceful affirmations meditation is great to do any time of the day for a calming effect. I love the positive affirmations, especially "I am calm and relaxed in all situations" & "I am grateful for all of the good things in my life." So many wonderful affirmations to calm my mind & shift my thoughts!"

Lisa Wong

More Confidence In Myself And My Career

"If you are looking for some change in your life and you think you’ve tried everything, Theta Thoughts is here to help. It’s a truly simple, peaceful, and stress-free way to enhance your spirituality and actually see the visions you have in your head for yourself come to life! It is a process that subconsciously keeps working in your life while you are living day to day. It’s a way of training your brain to already be living the changes you want to happen in your life. Since listening to Theta Thoughts I have experienced more confidence in myself and my career, and my work life has enhanced. I highly recommend Theta Thoughts!

Even if it is just to slow down and rest your brain for a bit from life’s craziness."

Pamela Rose Oakland