New Year's Ritual

This New Year create lasting change in your life through the powerful practice of ritual.

A ritual is series of actions performed in a ceremony to remind us of the interconnectedness of all of life. 

Rituals provide us with a sense of renewal and offer us a time-out from our every day routine; our habitual existence. Metaphorically speaking, rituals are an oasis, a time to rest, replenish, and restore ourselves on our long and winding path through life.

This New Year’s ritual is designed to be performed on the eve before the New Year or in the days leading up to it.  The following ritual can be done alone or in the company of close, trusted loved ones.

What you’ll need: Pen Blank sheets of Paper Fireplace, or safe place to burn papers Sacred Sage  Candle(s) Incense  Music


Reflect, Process and Release the Past  Before going forward, take some time to reflect on the past year, and decade.  Give thanks for all the wonderful experiences that enriched your life and your soul. Acknowledge all the things you are proud of. Celebrate your successes and gains. Write it all down. Make a highlight reel of your year. Use the prompts provided in my Reflections Post for inspiration.

This will help you prepare for the work ahead.

Now, think about the relationships, situations and patterns that gave you a lot of heartache. Get a blank sheet of paper and write down everything about these experiences that dropped you into fear—whether it showed up as anger, resentment, judgement, scarcity, anxiety or any other form of negativity.

As you journal, allow yourself to fully feel any emotions that come up; pain, sorrow, sadness, anger. Breathe deep. Cry. Curse. Stomp your feet. Tantrum. Let it all out.

It may be difficult, but when you allow yourself to look at and feel your deepest, darkest emotions, the very act of making them conscious is liberating, allowing you to heal and move forward on your journey, free of attachments from past pains.

After processing your emotions, reflect on the lessons that each difficult situation has brought you. In every challenge there is an opportunity for growth and expansion.

Journal on your paper about the lesson and growth from each experience. Once you extract the lesson, resolve to take it with you and leave the painful experience behind. Be willing to forgive everyone involved, including yourself, and let go of any toxic and self-sabotaging patterns.

Now, on your sheet of paper, write an intention to help you affirm your decision to extract the lesson and release the painful event. Use the example below for inspiration or create our own.  “Dear Higher Self/ God/ Spirit/ Universe, I am willing to release everything that has brought me pain and suffering. I surrender to you all that no longer serves me for healing, cleansing and clearing. I ask that you help me to forgive myself and others so that I may align my vision to see things from a loving perspective as I move forward with grace, strength, courage and divine love.” (signed your name)

Release and surrender your past to the flames of transformation. Now, safely, burn the paper. The ritual of burning is a powerful process of release. Fire is an alchemical process of transformation and whatever you have burnt on this paper both metaphorically and energetically is transformed. 

Clear Your Space After you’ve released your past to the flames of transformation follow it up by smudging your body and home with sacred sage.  Sage smudging is an ancient Native tradition in which a dried bundle of the plant is burnt and its smoke is used for space and energy clearing. This is a powerful way to remove negative energy and even unwanted spirits. You can purchase sage from most new age stores or click here to buy onlineThere are also affordable starter smudging kits available that include sage, palo santo, abalone shell and feather- click here to see.

When you’re ready to clear yourself and your space, light the sage bundle at one end, keep an abalone shell underneath to catch ashes, and fan the smoke, using a feather fan or swift movements, all around the body. Begin at the feet and work your way up to the head. If you're with others you can take turns smudging one another- this is helpful for smudging the backside of the body. After clearing your personal energy, wave the smoke around the corners and centers of each room in the home. Outline the frames of windows and doors and open all windows to allow the old energy to release and allow fresh air to flow through. As you move through the clearing ritual repeat this prayer or create one of your own. 

“I command all negative energy to leave this space and I invite divine love and grace to be put in its place.”

Create Your Vision of 2021 Whenever you let something go, you create room for something new to enter. 

After releasing old emotional baggage and clearing both your physical and energetic space, you are now ready to consciously create a blissful beginning for the year ahead.  Before creating wishes and intentions for the year to come, align with your higher self to ensure that everything you wish to create comes from a place of truth and inspiration rather than fear, scarcity and lack.  To do this, create a sacred space or alter. Light some candles and incense and bring any sacred objects or offerings with you; images, statues, stones, flowers, etc. Play soft, soothing music in the background. 

Ground yourself through a quiet meditation. Use a guided meditation such as my Yoga Nidra to Attract Your Heart's Desires, specifically designed to be used for the new year, or sit quietly for 10 minutes focusing on your breath.   

When you feel centered and clear write your intentions for the year to come.

What are you calling into your life?

What do you want more of?

How do you want to feel in 2021?  Explore the prompts provided in New Year, New Beginnings, New You: Creating Intentions for 2021 and Discover Your Word for 2021for more guidance. When you’re finished writing out your intentions spend some time sitting quietly with your words or share them with the group. Keep them someplace safe where you can reference to them throughout the year. Celebrate Put your intentions into movement through the ritual of dance. Put on some happy feel good tunes and have a dance party. Become the embodiment of your vision. Move your body. Feel joy in your heart. Laugh. Be silly. Play. Have fun. Know that everything you wish for and desire is already yours. Your only job now is to feel good and enjoy the gifts of life, this will align your frequency with that of your desires, thus making you a magnet to attract them into your life! 

Amplify your vision for 2021 with one of our affirmation meditations- SHOP NOW!


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