How I Used Theta Thoughts to Attract Financial Abundance

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

I had just returned home from an international trip that unexpectedly drained what little savings I had, and I was to be receiving charge bills that I had accumulated while abroad which would need to be payed off too. It would take me at least two months to get caught up; pay my debts and replenish my savings.

I simultaneously found myself in a position to take the trip of a lifetime; to travel abroad indefinitely. Things were quickly lining up in my favor, except for finances. Looking at what little money I had, and the debts that were still owed from my recent adventures, I couldn't possibly see how I could make this work out.

Determined to follow my heart and this incredible opportunity I sat down and designed a vision for myself. I created an estimate of how much money I would need to travel for 18 months. I felt that a safe number for me would be roughly $30,000.

At that moment I had $3,000 in my savings, minus approximately $2,000 owed to credit cards for my past trip which put me at a whooping $1,000.

My travel ticket had already been purchased and my departure date was less than three months away. On paper this seemed impossible. How could I possibly save $29,000 in less than three months time? With my current income, bills, living expenses, and even with the added bonus of my tax return I would still be more than a few thousand short of this goal.

I could feel the fear of lack and scarcity creeping in, enough to almost prevent me from making the decision to go. But thankfully I have tools. I work with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration and I understand that I don't need to know "HOW" I will receive the things I desire. I just need to ASK and then ALIGN my frequency to that of receiving my desire.

So I began by asking. I got out one of my abundance checks to the Universe and I wrote out my desired amount, $30,000, and in the memos I wrote, to travel abroad indefinitely.

Next, I created a custom Theta Thoughts recording to help me transition out of the fear and scarcity mindset and instead to align my thoughts and vibration with abundance.

I began to listen daily.

At first my thinking mind was still busy trying to figure out "how" to accumulate the funds I would need.

This is counterintuitive. The thinking mind often tricks us into believing that we need to "solve" a perceived problem and so we get caught in the thinking trap which leaves us feeling exhausted and hopeless- not in alignment with attracting our desire, in this case money.

But I stayed with my intention (to save $30,000 in three months), my vision (to travel abroad indefinitely) and I continued with my daily practice of Theta Thoughts.

And then, like magic, as always, the money began to roll in. The thing I love about the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration is all that is required of us is to ask and align, the rest happens for us, when we allow it to.

Money began to appear from sources my thinking mind couldn't have thought of. As money began to effortlessly flow into my life and I gratefully acknowledged its appearance, it magnified; more and then more and then even more arrived.

Within two months of setting my intention, creating a vision and using Theta Thoughts daily, I had received the money I asked for. And within less then three months I had almost doubled my initial request of $30,000.

So how does this work?

It's easy and it works for anything that you're calling into your life.

1. Set the intention. What is it that you are calling in? Be clear and concise.

2. Create a vision. What does this look like for you? Why do you want this? How will you feel when you have it?

3. Theta Thoughts. Personally customized affirmations recorded in your voice designed to align you with your intention and vision by bringing you into a deeply relaxed state and aligning your thoughts with your desires.

Right about now you might be thinking, this is so great that this worked for you, but Law of Attraction and Vibration and manifesting haven't worked for me.

And now I'm going to tell you why you haven't had success, yet.

Three main reasons you're not attracting your desires:

1. You ask for your desires and then try to control and manipulate how they will arrive. This is the thinking mind, I mentioned before, busy trying to "solve" the problem and figure out "how" to get the desire. This never works.

2. On a deep, subconscious level you believe that you will never have the things you desire, usually it is because you believe we are not worthy of it. What's happening here, your thoughts and vibration are not aligned with your desire.

3.. You become frustrated, discouraged and even angry. You claim it doesn't work and you give up, you stop believing . Once again your thoughts and vibration are not aligned with your desire.

So how do you surrender, allow and align? I'm so glad you've asked.

Let's explore Theta Thoughts a little bit more here and I'll tell you why this is an important tool for aligning with your desires.

Theta Thoughts guides you into a deeply relaxed state of being. It is here that the subconscious mind is accessed. This is the storehouse of your thoughts, patterns, habits and beliefs, the majority of which are negative and limiting- meaning they are blocking your from your desires.

While in this deeply relaxed state, positive affirmations are then cycled, creating a repetitive positive thought loop, which then replaces the old, outdated, negative thoughts, and puts you on the same frequency of the things that you do want.

As you align your thoughts and your frequency with your desires you being to attract them to you.

In my case I had a lot of negative thoughts and beliefs around money and being able to attract it into my life. This was preventing me from aligning with money and therefor having it. Theta Thoughts allowed me to step away from my thinking mind and access deep states of relaxation in which my limiting thoughts and beliefs were replaced with positive thoughts, thus putting me on the same frequency as attracting money. As I aligned with the frequency of money it began to come to me in abundance.

Are you ready to experience the powerful benefits of Theta Thoughts and begin aligning with your dreams and desires? Visit and use code EXPERIENCE at checkout to save %15 off your first custom recording.

Happy Manifesting Beautiful Beings.

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