Annual Reflections

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Each year, before I sit down to write out my intentions and desires for the year to come, I like to spend time reflecting on the year past; experiences had, areas of growth, relationships, significant events and memorable moments.

Reflection allows me an opportunity to look back on just how magical the year has been regardless of the events that took place.

When I connect with the feelings of love and gratitude for my life and ALL of the experiences I've had, I put myself on a higher vibration to then create my intentions for the year to come. 

I used to struggle with acknowledging my accomplishments and growth as an individual, and unknowingly this was contributing to my low self-esteem and sense of worth.

Reflecting on my experiences and achievements has helped me to improve my perspective of myself and my outlook on my life.

It is so easy to move through a period of time wether it is a week, a month, a year or even a decade and feel like we haven't done much.

Life, at times, can feel monotonous, like we aren't really moving in any direction at all. Reflection offers us an opportunity to acknowledge just how far we've come; to celebrate life, with all of its ups and downs, while raising our vibrational frequency.

There are many different ways and times in which you might decide to use the process of  reflection.

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually are a few.

Let's look at Annual Reflections

As you look back at the year and all that you have achieved, areas of growth, difficulties overcome and so on, with a grateful heart for each thing, you will begin to raise your vibration. You will then move into the frequency of feeling good, the frequency of love. And in this place you can then set your intentions for the year to come.

This is also a good time to check-in with your vision board and create or recreate as you see fit to stay in alignment with your visions and desires. 

The reflection process is meant to help you to feel good about yourself, your journey and your life. And when you're feeling good, you become a magnet for more good things to come your way. 

Overall the reflection process calls your attention to the things that you have accomplished and/or experienced which might have otherwise easily gone unnoticed or forgotten.

Reflection allows you an opportunity to note and even celebrate all of the steps in your journey; the gigantic ones, the tiny ones, the seemingly backwards ones, and all of the others in-between. 

As we near the end of this year. I invite you to set aside some time for reflection. Time to celebrate yourself, your journey and your life. 

Take some time to yourself where you can sit undisturbed for 30-60 minutes and reflect on 2020. A journal or piece of paper and pen or computer will be helpful. The power of the process is amplified when you write it down.

Use the following prompts to reflect on the past year.

Reflection Journaling

  1. Think back to January 1st of this year: How are you different today?

  2. What are your biggest takeaways from 2020?

  3. List your ten most memorable moments of 2020?

  4. Make a list of 10 accomplishments from 2020?

  5. What are you most grateful for in 2020?

  6. How have you changed, grown, evolved this year?

  7. What challenges did you overcome? How did they make you stronger? More resilient?

  8. Reflect on the greatest life lessons you’ve learned? What was it and what did you learn?

  9. Make a list of the people that inspired and supported you throughout this year.

  10. Who means the world to you and why?

  11. What were your happiest moments this year?

  12. What are you most proud of yourself for doing this past year?

  13. What word, or phrase would you use to sum up 2020?

2020 Highlight Reel Spend some time reflecting on the past year, month by month, and write down your most memorable moments for each month. These can be significant events, gains, moments of celebration, obstacles overcome, moments of growth or significant turning points in your life.

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