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Powerful Affirmations to Align with Love and Attract Your Soulmate

What you think about, with feeling, you attract to you.

affirmations to attract love

What Are Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are simple positive statements that you intentionally use to rid yourself of limiting beliefs. When repeated frequently, they begin to change your pattern of thinking.

Positive affirmations have the power to enrich your life and empower you as they liberate you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety. 

The effectiveness of affirmations depends on your commitment and dedication to practicing regularly. Like a workout for your brain, with consistency and repetition, positive affirmations have the power to change your thoughts and your life.

When you use positive affirmations to focus your attention on your desires, you become a magnet for attracting them to you.

Use these powerful affirmations to align your frequency with love and attract your soulmate to you. Amplify your experience by listening to these affirmations on my YouTube channel.

Affirmations to Attract Love

I am aligned with love

I am constantly surrounded by love

I radiate unconditional love

I receive love in abundance

Everything I do aligns with the vibration of love

I love myself

I am grateful for the abundance of love in my life

Every cell in my body vibrates with love

I am love

My heart is open to give and receive love

I welcome love into my life

I spread love to those around me and it returns to me in abundance

Access these affirmations in a mindset mastery meditation designed to align your thoughts with the vibration of love. As you align with the frequency of love, you open yourself to receive the love, romance and relationships that you desire. Listen Now

More guided sleep-based affirmations recordings on my YouTube channel.


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Reprogram Your Thoughts with Theta Thoughts

Theta Thoughts allows you to transcend negative thoughts and replace them with new positive thoughts through relaxation and repetition; theta binaural beats + positive affirmation loop. When the body and mind are relaxed you are more receptive to receiving the newly desired thoughts. Through this process, new neural pathways and positive thought patterns are created.

While relaxing comfortably in your bed you are gently guided into deep states of relaxation. As you soften into complete stillness all of your day-to-day thoughts and worries begin to drift away and positive thoughts begin to fill your mind space. As the positive affirmations cycle through your mind they create a positive thought pattern.

Over time your negative and limiting thoughts about money begin to dissolve and the positive affirmations aligned with abundance become your new dominant thoughts.

As your internal dialogue begins to transform both your internal and external worlds will shift and you will come into alignment with your desires.

For more positive affirmations to raise your vibe and manifest your desires be sure to follow me on Pinterest. For daily affirmations connect with me on Instagram. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly guided affirmation meditation videos.


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